How To Tow A Car & Everything You Need To Know

We often need to move our car Here from there. There can ve lots of causes for this. Mostly we take help of a towing expert for this. For this same reason, you can able to see lots of towing company across the whole USA. Mostly in the Dallas, tx you will see more than 50 towing company are operating there towing related services.


Well, experience with a towing company or an expert can be good or bad. But what you will do if you need to tow your vehicle. Even most towing companies provide 24/7 towing services; there are still chance that you cannot get a towing service in an urgent time. That’s why I will share some guidance on how to tow a car.


Well, I will not go deep for this, but before starting, you should know about a few terms. All those are towing related.


Towing Capacity

Well, it is easy, actually. Towing capacity means, how much a car or vehicle pull with its maximum power. Many people own a car or SUV that can do medium-range towing at least.


Pin Weight

This is important to know about the pin weight. It is referred to the weight/pressure applied from the fifth wheel of the kingpin to the hitch in the bed of a truck.


Payload Capacity

By this, you need to understand the amount of weight it can carry safely.


Max Towing Capacity

Well, there are two types of towing capacity. One is standard, and another is the maximum. To gain the maximum towing capacity most of the time the cars need some extra gear. As an example, it can be a strap or and extra gear.

Well, there is something more. To calculate max towing capacity you need to add the weight of RV,s GVW with the total weight of all passengers, cargo, and liquids.


Cargo Weight

It is the total weight of the things stored inside the towing vehicle.


Shipped Weight Or Dry Weight 

It is the weight when it comes from the manufacturer. Without any extra weight or also known as cargo weight.


Gross Vehicle Weight

Well, you can get this weight my adding all the weights together.


Now besides all of those you need to measure tongue weight.

To do this, you can take the help of a scale. Well, it can be anything. Including:

· Tongue Weight Scale

· Bathroom Scale

· Vehicle Scale


After all of this, it is time to to the guide.


Car Towing Guide

Now we have all the data and info we need to tow a car safely and adequately. You can follow this guide to do it properly.

You can do it in threeway. That also includes:

1. Car Towing With Tow Dolly

2. Towing Using a Trailer

3. And Towing Using A Tow Bar

Well, There are two-party during the towing process. One is the towing driver, and another is who is being towed.



Tips for the Towing Driver

You have to take everything gradual – never surpass 15 mph. Utilize the hold to dismantle away delicately to forestall yanking on the rope abruptly, which can cause the tow rope to break, and maintain a strategic distance from any unexpected braking because the towed driver will be unable to respond rapidly enough to stop – tap tenderly instead to caution them. Essentially, demonstrate in a lot of time and maintain a strategic distance from any unexpected alters of course or exorbitant moves, as the driver being towed will think that it’s difficult to direct and brake with you.


While you’re towing, check your mirrors regularly to ensure everything looks alright. Additionally watch out for your vehicle’s measures, especially temperature and oil weight – if they change all of a sudden, there could be an issue so pull over as quickly as time permits.


Tips for the Driver Being Towed


Before you set off, ensure the start switch is in the ‘on’ position to separate the directing lock and make it simpler for you to control the stalled vehicle. Effectively steer and brake your vehicle in synchronization with the towing vehicle and keep some strain in the towrope or towing post consistently by applying light braking strain to limit any shocking. Remain as caution as you would if you were driving, giving specific consideration to the towing vehicle’s brake lights and pointers so you have however much seen as could reasonably be expected of what’s coming up.